Ever wondered how to take a great picture of a car, no matter how much money you’ve spent on your camera equipment? Either for your own pride and joy or other cars at shows and events, The Lotus Forums have teamed up with the ‘Guild of Motoring Writers’ Photographer of the Year 2010 to bring you a days tutoring on Sunday the 24th July teaching you how to get the very best picture out of your camera, be it a compact or a ‘bells and whistles’ dSLR.

Alisdair Cusick has 12 years experience as a freelance automotive photographer and has seen his pictures on over 130 motoring publication covers. He was the photographer who took the images used by Octane when they published the Esprit Sport 300 vs Sport 350 feature and specialises is making the most of your camera, not how to take pictures which need hours of post processing in Photoshop or similar to get the image you want.

You’ll learn how to use your camera effectively to get the best of out of it and how to best capture your car in a variety of situations. Based in Dorking for the day, you’ll get a full day with one of the UK’s leading automotive photographers and the chance to shoot your own car as well as others. Competitively priced at £95 per person, refreshments will be provided throughout the day compliments of Scott Walker Sportscars where the shoot will be based. For more details and to add your name to the list (only 3 out of 12 spaces left, be quick), please visit the forums here.

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