Here’s a sneak preview from the Lotus Magazine, Issue #2 photoshoot conducted while the new era cars were over in California for this USA launch at the LA Motor Show.

Tinseltown has a new Brat Pack. Five stars that stole the Los Angeles Motor Show.

The Esprit already has iconic movie credits to its name – “The Spy Who Loved Me,” “For Your Eyes Only,” “Pretty Woman,” and “Basic Instinct.” And its chemistry with the leading ladies is hard to ignore.

Now it’s joined on the red carpet by three new starlets – Elise, Elan and Eterne – hot young numbers that have had Variety and TMZ buzzing.

We took them up to the Hills to our rented Pierre Koenig pad, invited our leggiest neighbours, and made cocktails by the pool. Purienne brought his camera. The girls took in the view and topped up their tans. The stars felt right at home amid the beauty and modernism, and were able to relax away from the limelight.

Robert Evans, Dashiell Hammett, David Lynch, Frank Lloyd Wright, Raymond Chandler, Bret Easton Ellis, and Hunter S. Thompson heard the ruckus and rang the doorbell. Things got pretty wild.

The afternoon became a cover story. The stars and their entourage went joyriding on Mulholland Drive. The girls didn’t bother changing. Maybe it was lust for fame – or proximity to it – swaying their judgment. We parked and watched the sun recede behind Century City, waiting for a text that would lead us that night’s celebrity soiree.

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