Each year, Lotus owners or lovers all gather in increasing numbers in the large market town of Ypres. It is an annual tradition of the organizers to get between 120 and 150 Lotuses together and the 7th year was no exception, with 136 already colorful British sport cars, which together made up your Lotus Ascension Feast day of the year.

Each year vintage Lotus and more modern versions of the British brand gather in Ypres. The organizers also dotted this year a new route and made a nice mix between spirited ballads in the picturesque landscape and recuperative stops. This year, the road book brought the Lotuses along the beautiful Heuvellandse roads to Waregem where a small piece of Flemish Ardennes meegepikt is. A route full of fun and most winding roads, the natural habitat where a Lotus and especially its passengers could enjoy to the fullest.

Ypres Market Square

Under the expert eye of the stewards most of the participants arrive between 8 and 10am on the main square of Ypres, which quickly transformed into a very colorful scene. It goes without saying that 136 colorful Lotuses, against the historical backdrop of the Cloth Hall and eating houses with their characteristic stepped gables creates a special atmosphere. After a beneficent breakfast and chat with fellow Lotus enthusiasts each driver receives a goodie bag and road book to help them through the day.

Wervikse local specialities

The participants followed the dot-arrow road book at their own pace with the planned route through the typical Ypres and Heuvellandse region to Wervik. In Wervik center was the company Dejan (importer Autoglym maintenance) this year who offered an aperitif of local products. Participants were treated to a local beer or non-alcoholic drink, plus a portion of local Flandrien Cheese.

At their own pace, participants headed off for the second part of the tour. That brought the participants of Wervik through a small corner in the Flemish Ardennes to the Hippodrome Waregem.

Hippodrome Waregem

Around 13:30 the first participants arrived at the large parking of the Hippodrome Waregem. Just like the big market in Ypres, Waregem was treated to a temporary Lotus-meeting format, while the participants were able to sit down for a light lunch.

The latter part of the day included a journey back to Ypres. After 60km of driving pleasure attendees were treated to refreshments in the beautiful rural surroundings of Zonnebeke. The endpoint was again 60km further in Gits, where all participants were invited for an aperitif and a final celebration dinner.

Next year will Ypres Lotus Day will take place at Our Lord Day (05.05.2016) and again the many stops included will involve the regions many treasures that Lotus made the past 60 years.



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