Ypres Lotus Day, one of the largest Lotus events in Europe takes place on the 29th May 2014.  Last year 142 Lotus cars took part of the event, with even a delegation of Historic Lotus Club present with some nice classic Lotus. Vistors come from all over Europe for the day which is now in its 4th year.

YLD2014 starts as usual with a huge static meeting on the town square of Ypres (Belgium) when the participants can register (pre registration is needed via the website) and enjoy breakfast. At around 10:00 local time we start a navigation run through the Ypres region (world famous through the Ypres Westhoek Ralley) via Veurne to one of Belgian’s finest cities at the coast, Ostend. Cars will be parked at the seawall during lunch, participants can take a light lunch with a terrific view of the North Sea and the cars on the promenade.

Logo-v2.2-copy-tograbAt 14:00 local time we start the third leg of the run and we go back to Ypres/Heuvelland. We close the day with a reception and optional dinner. The price of the event is “all inclusive”, except of fuel you don’t need a penny the whole day and there are two options, no dinner or all-in. Most participants choose the all-in option because our end-of-event-dinner is a nice relaxed moment to meet other Lotus fanatics and friends and a chance to discuss the days events.

The Ypres Westhoek region is a very nice region to drive with a Lotus, many superb twisty roads with nice views. Some rally followers will recognize some specials from the Ypres Westhoek WRC Rally. The tour is 200km (+-125 miles) of pure smiling with fellow Lotus enthusiasts on excellent roads with a twisty, varied route with faster parts too. Your Lotus will feel very at home on these roads.

If you want to have a unique Lotus day driving and meeting other Lotus fanatics, we sure Ypres Lotus Day is the place to be!

More info : www.ypreslotusday.be

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