YLD- (7)

Annually on Thursday 14th of May (ascension day) there is Ypres Lotus Day. A yearly tradition for a lot Lotus owners, this year for the 7th time.

120-150 Lotus cars attend from whole Europe (participants come from Belgium, Netherlands, England, France, Luxembourg, Germany…) and starts with a big gathering at the town square at Ypres. Participants park their Lotus from 08:00 – 09:00 on the nice grand place of Ypres and come to the tea room to pick up all details, roadbook, goodie bag and take breakfast. At 10:00 all cars starts with a roadbook as guide on the nicest roads close to Ypres to a reserved location for a apero-stop. After a refreshing drink all participants start a new part of the roadbook all through nice, twisty Lotus-friendly-roads to another unique location for a light lunch and new gathering to regroup. In the afternoon there are also 2 parts until the cars reach the end point. At the end point we regroup again and close the day with a reception and a nice dinner.

Ypres Lotus Day is all about driving your Lotus with other Lotus fanatics on the best roads all around Ypres.

The event is “an all inclusive concept”, what mean you don’t need 1€/£1 through the whole day except fuel.

Event website (info & pictures) : www.ypreslotusday.be

Event Facebook page (info & pictures): https://www.facebook.com/YpresLotusDay

2015 specific Event Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/events/1527870820824931/

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