Again our Scotland contingent have come up trumps with our monthly picture, perhaps the cold is focussing their minds! Allan Matheson, Evora Launch Edition owner and regular on the Scottish meets had the idea on a drive out while they parked at the beauty spot known as ‘Rest and Be Thankful’ on the A83, a regular backdrop on some of the finest driving roads known to man. Rather than sully the scenery as Evo did with Porsche and Nissan, our Scots did a stirling job and filled the foreground with some of the finest driving machines known to man, 2 Evoras and 2 Esprits.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy the picture, various sizes are available to fit various wallpaper resolutions and if you’re interested in joining the Scots for a drive out, please visit their section of the forum by clicking here.

1920x1080 (Widescreen)

And the original from Evo with forum member Dave (Petrol Feet Driven) interpretation!

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