This months picture is a very rare thing, a photograph taken by an enthusiast inside Lotus factory 6. Cameras are usually a big no on the Hethel site, especially in the production areas and even mobile phones with cameras must be left with security however for a recent club representatives trip the rules were relaxed for the group to enable a more intimate tour. This is the final preparation area where the cars are inspected for paint correction work and badges affixed not long after the assembled cars have been water tested and had their geometry finalised to Lotus specifications.

TLF photographer Graham Pilkington spotted this Sky Blue Exige Cup 260 very close to being ‘Passed to Sales’ and a USA destined Carbon Grey Evora looking menacingly on with an Elise S also in the final prep area. Click the image to expand it and ‘right click’ to save it for your desktop wallpaper.

1920x1080 (Widescreen)

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