Group Lotus have issued a recall notice for 5,037 Elise & Exige cars due to a potential problem with an oil cooling line failing at the crimped joint which could lead to a potential accident or fire due to oil spraying over the engine bay and possibly onto the tyres. This potential problem only affects model year 2005 & 2006 cars in the Federal market, we’ve been informed that non-USA cars do not have any similar issues.

From a practical perspective, if your particular car hasn’t failed to date there’s a very good chance it isn’t going to (however this is not an assurance that it won’t, hence the recall) so don’t panic but please do contact your dealer, Lotus Cars USA or Lotus HQ in the UK so they can arrange to check the car over as soon as is practical. Should you believe that your car is affected we recommend that you to get in touch with your supplying dealer (dealer locator) or contact Lotus Cars USA directly on 1-800-24-LOTUS (1-800-245-6887) or 770 476 6540.

You can view the announcement on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website here.

From Lotus Cars USA:

Lotus has identified a potential issue with regard to certain model year 2005 and 2006 Lotus Elise and Exige vehicles.  The issue involves oil cooler hose leaks in USA vehicles manufactured before October 2006, when the part supplier changed its manufacturing process.

Lotus takes the safety of its customers very seriously and has announced a voluntary recall of USA Elise and Exige models manufactured between June 1, 2004 and November 31, 2006.  While a leaking oil cooler hose could potentially pose a safety concern, Lotus is not aware at this time of any injuries that have resulted from this condition.

Lotus is working on a remedy and as soon as possible will notify the appropriate authorities, its customers and dealers and will provide a timetable for completion.

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