Lotus were spotted testing this years Le Mans contender, the Evora GTE at Snetterton circuit recently. The car, being developed by Lead Designer Nicola Scimeca will enter Le Mans and various other endurance races through the course of 2011 under the Lotus Jetalliance team in line with Lotus’s current commitment to Motorsport and a return to Le Mans is welcomed by both endurance racing and Lotus fans all over the world.

Lotus Director of Motorsport Claudio Berro said: “Moving into the ILMC (International Le Mans Cup) is an exciting step for us and it will provide a good opportunity to showcase what can be done with the Evora. In every motorsport discipline that we participate in we aim to pick the best expertise to partner with and we have very high standards. The Jetalliance racing team has a lot of experience and a respected pedigree in this field so we’re delighted that they have agreed to work with us on what is bound to be an incredible challenge. We’re looking forward to seeing what ILMC 2011 brings.”

Jetalliance Chief Executive Lukas Lichtner-Hoyer said: “We’ve enjoyed success in recent years at iconic endurance events such as Le Mans and I’m looking forward to repeating if not improving on these results with Lotus. Some people have asked why we would take a risk working with new cars – my answer on this subject always remains the same: we believe in Lotus and we believe that in uniting with them will create something very exciting, very special and most of all very successful.”

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