Back at the Geneva Motor Expo in 2012 Lotus unveiled the ‘Lotus F1 Team” Evora GTE, dedicated to and inspired by the F1 team and Kimi Raikkonen. With an unpainted high-gloss carbon-fibre body, carbon interior with copper inlays, gold-piped black leather bucket seats, and Lotus F1 Team Limited Edition badging the GTE was to be the most powerful Lotus road car ever.

Kimi said at the time: “If the Lotus F1 Team Evora GTE is as quick as it looks then it is going to be absolutely incredible. I would love to have this as my company car! I like its aggressive shape and the carbon-fibre finish makes it stand out even more – I can’t wait to drive it.”

The car has been in Hethel since and Lotus choose to display it with their other Motorsport products at the Lotus Festival. There’s more information and a busy discussion about the Evora GTE on our forums here.

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