In June 2011 Lotus Motorsport teamed up with Austrian racers Jetalliance to compete in the 24 Heures Du Mans round of the ILMC. Getting 2 cars to the start line was a significant achievement in itself as the decision to enter the race was made only few short months beforehand leaving the team without the usual luxury of time to prepare and plan, usually essential if you’re going to enter into a race as gruelling as Le Mans. The Lotus-Jetalliance team were following during the build up to the race and the 24 hours itself by a film crew and here’s the full video.

TLF were at the race and wrote for Group Lotus on what it was like to be a Lotus fan at the race and how it felt to see the company back at the pinnacle of endurance racing. You can view that article and a host of pictures from Le Mans here and we understand that Lotus Motorsport will be back in 2012 along with a proposed LMP2 car alongside the GTE racer which would be great news to hear.

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