28 USA supplied Evora’s have been recalled by Lotus Cars USA due to incorrect labelling being applied during the manufacturing process. The affected cars were built between September and November 2012 and do not have the Temporary Exemption Label for the advanced airbag exception from the NHTSA and have an incorrect date of manufacture on the Federal Certification Label.

“Lotus will conduct a recall on the affected cars which will involve replacing the Federal certification labels.

The purpose of this label is to advise the customer that their car is compliant with the applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. As these cars were not fully compliant, they needed to be covered by a NHTSA waiver statement. The label also provides information for the customer on the date of manufacture.”

If you believe that your car could be included, please contact your local or supplying Lotus dealer, or call Lotus Cars USA on 1-770-476-5464 quoting recall number 2013/02R.

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