With more owners now fitting aftermarket intake and exhaust systems to their Evora’s, TLF would like to invite you to TDI Plc on the 19th Jan 2013 at 9am for a charity dyno day so we can better clarify what does what and how.

TDI have very generously offered their facilities, staff and Dynocom hub dyno equipment free of charge however a min donation of £50 per car will be donated in full to Great Ormond St Hospital, what a kind gesture! TDI are the official power validation company of the LoT Lotus Cup series and know their way around a Lotus car, info on their hub dyno is here.

TDI will also be open to discussions with owners on the day regarding offering your car for some exhaust/manifold development work, both NA and S in return for a deal on the system when completed.

Other Lotus/cars will be welcome of course but ideally Evora’s would be preferred if possible. Please add your name to our list on the forums here.


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