RSRSpa Premium Trackdays give you the opportunity to experience the stunning Spa-Francorchamps the way it’s supposed to be! Our days are high quality, limited entry events, with the priority on safe, enjoyable track time for each and every user.

• The best way to safely experience your own car on track.
• Strict, mandatory safety briefing for all drivers.
• Trackday starts with a detailed track walk, led by Ron Simons.
• Open Pit Lane format with no sessions.
• Limited entries for a better quality track experience.
• Slick tyres and race cars allowed.
• Free overtaking rules, with sportsman-like behaviour encouraged.
• All day catering and lunch included.
• Private pit boxes available with setup possible on the previous evening.

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1. Tue 25. April 2017
2. Wed 17. May 2017
3. Wed 7. June 2017
4. Tue 20. June 2017 (107dB)
5. Thu 20. July 2017
6. Wed 6. September 2017
7. Thu 28. September 2017
8. Fri 13. October 2017
9. Sat 4. November 2017

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