Germany’s Sport Auto magazine let their test driver Christian Gebhardt loose around the Hockenheim Short Circuit in the Lotus 3-Eleven where he set a new record of 1:06.02, beating some very hardcore machinery in the process.

The 3-Eleven beat the times of the Porsche 918 (1:06.3), Gumpert Apollo (1:07.2), Radical SR3 SL (1:08.1) and Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse (1:08.2) which bearing in mind the Lotus’s cost really does show the car punching above its weight! With a third of the 3-Eleven cars now ordered and deliveries expected in the next couple of months keep an eye on your mirrors on track as it’s likely the car gaining rapidly and about to go past you is a Lotus 3-Eleven!

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